Summer Camps

Mandatory Parent Meeting: Date and time will be announced

Camp stars June 20 & ends August 12, 2016

Reminder: Friday August 12, 2016 is the Camp closing Ceremony. Please make plan to attend & watch your child perform


Clyde Center (12100 NW 16 AV North Miami FL 33167)


8:00 am – 5:30 pm. Parents have until 6:00PM to pick up their children. Otherwise, a late fee will imposed.


$55 per week for North Miami residents & 65 for non -residents. There is also a    $30 non-refundable application fee at time of registration.

 Weekly Payments

Payments are due on Mondays. No Child will be allowed to the camp if payments are unsatisfactory. We accept all forms of payments: Cash, checks, or Money Orders. Payments made payable to:

 Youth Education through Sports or Y.E.S.  Field Trips

All field trips are to be conducted on Fridays only. Every other Friday, we will be going to a water park (See attached field trip schedule).

It is mandatory that your child wears the camp T-shirt every Friday. For water field trip,

It is also encouraged that your child bring these following items: a towel, sunscreen, sandal, and an extra outfit). Parents are allowed to give you their children pocket money for all field trips.

 Safety Rules

We expect your child to behave properly throughout the whole camp. Staff will take disciplinary actions against any child who does not comply with rules & regulations. Your child will be suspended for the whole camp after three incidents.

Please encourage your child to drink plenty of water during the summer. Sunscreen is very useful to protect your child’s skin because of the impact of the UV violet during summer time.


Your child may have breakfast prior leaving home. However, we are responsible to provide a light breakfast & lunch. Therefore, it is encouraged to send your child with some snacks. Fruits are preferable.

We are working with a few catering companies to provide different menu daily. Perhaps, we expect to serve Pizza on Fridays because of the Field Trips.

 Dress Code

We will enforce proper dress code for the well-being of every child. We don’t encourage your child to wear:

Open toe shoes, Shorts Skirts, Spaghetti strap, Pants below the waist (Boys), Tank Top

Schedule of Activities