About Us



The mission of the Youth Education through Sports (Y.E.S.) program is to engage and empower Families and Youth socially and educationally through a journey of sports; thereby meeting the needs of the individual, as well as the community.


Youth Education through Sports is created to help maintaining a progressive society & improve the quality of life of our children by pursuing the following principles of R.E.S.P.E.C.T:

 Rejuvenate the spirit of our youngsters & help them to become better citizens.


Empower them to develop their full creative potential. Creating a challenging & rewarding environment where they will have the opportunity to participate in life changing activities that promote intellect, commitments, & determination.

 Stimulate them on how to be more responsible & committed to their communities.

 Promote among them a healthy, productive style & good citizenship and expand their perspective of life’s possibilities & goals that are sustainable.

 Educate & encourage our youngsters to become more assertive & proactive.

 Create an inclusive learning environment that will focus on academics (math, reading, science, history, & finance) which will help.

 Teach them the basic principles of Character.